Unbelievable Craftsmanship and Quality Workmanship

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Shed village was referred to me by a friend of mine. I made a phone call to Shed Village and Vic came out, it couldn’t have been easier. We spent the morning together going through a couple of different plans. As well looking at a few photos and a look at the site plan. Vic made sure to check everything in different times regarding the sunlight.

Vic arrived on time and is just a great guy that delivered a great experience.

Amazing Craftsmanship with glass windows and doors - Burlington and Mississauga
Amazing Craftsmanship with glass windows and doors

Shed Village built that cabana and they built this pump shed. I gave them a clean slate to work on and three days later this is the product that I’m left with, and it’s awesome. I had a change order after I ordered the shed, and that’s usually an opportunity for a contractor when a change order comes in to up the price by double what it’s really worth, not Vic!

Matching Custom Pump Shed - Mississauga, Milton
Matching Custom Pump Shed – Mississauga

Dave arrived on time – this guys at true craftsman. He cuts a straight line every time which is unbelievable, I can’t say enough about his craftsmanship. The thing that I appreciate the most with shed village was the quality of workmanship leveraged against a fair price. Vic did exactly what he said he was going to do. He exceeded my expectations in terms of a finished product and the price was right on point. I was going to go with somebody that was referred to me, for sure. It’s important for me to put my dollars to work in terms of quality guys. Vic fit that bill. I’ve already recommended Vic.

Custom Pool Cabana
Custom Pool Cabana

A neighbor was back here the other day seeing what all the commotion was and was pretty impressed with the quality and the price too.

I definitely got my money’s worth here.