The Yorkdale SeriesPre-Cut KitPre-Fab KitProfessionally
Custom Sizes and Options AvailablePricePriceInstalled Price
Chalet Siding (Floor not Included, shed must be painted)
8′ 5-Sided$2,295$2,695$2,995
9′ 5-SidedN/A$2,995$3,395
10′ 5-Sided$2,695$3,295$3,795
11′ 5-SidedN/A$3,895$4,395
12′ 5-SidedN/A$4,295$4,995
Cedar or Canexel Maintenance-Free Siding (Floor Kit not Included)
8′ 5-Sided$2,495$3,195$3,495
9′ 5-SidedN/A$3,595$3,995
10′ 5-Sided$2,995$3,895$4,495
11′ 5-SidedN/A$4,395$4,995
12′ 5-SidedN/A$5,195$5,495
Garden Shed Series Floor Kits
8 ft Yorkdale$275$275$275
9 ft Yorkdale$300$300$300
10 ft Yorkdale$355$355$355
11 ft Yorkdale$395$395$395
12 ft Yorkdale$435$435$435
Available Accessories
Extra Single Door Kit$175$175$175
Extra. Dbl. Door Kit (60″ wide)$295$295$295
Extra Window Kit$95$95$95
Architectural Window Kit$395$395$395
Extra Single Door Kit$255$255$255
Extra. Dbl. Door Kit (60″ wide)$495$495$495
Extra Window Kit$135$135$135
Architectural Window Kit$395$395$395
Deluxe /French Spanish Cedar Door (Single 34″Wide)$395$395$395
Deluxe/French Spanish Cedar Door (Single 24″ Wide)$395$395$395
Deluxe Spanish Cedar Door (Single 34″Wide)$395$395$395
Dormer (with arch window)N/AVariableVariable
Extra Height – 6 “Add 10%VariableVariable
Extra Roof OverhangVariableVariableVariable
Maintenance Free White TrimAdd 10%Add 10%Add 10%
Cedar Shingles – # 2 PerfectionVariableVariableVariable
Deluxe Steel 9 Lite DoorVariableVariableVariable
Bar Window – 4 ft, Bifold$395$395$395
Bar window – 5 ft, Bifold$495$495$495
Bar Window – 6 ft, Bifold$695$695$695