Our Shed Village Products are available for delivery across the United States and Canada. We take great pride and care in delivering your Shed Village building to you. Once you place your order we follow it closely from the time it is produced in our factory to the delivery at your house.

Freight Carriers
Your delivery will be handled by one of our carefully chosen freight partners. Shipments will generally be delivered between 9am and 5pm, Mon – Fri, and we do require that someone is on hand to receive it (see details below). A Shed Village Team member will be in touch with you a few days prior to the shipping date to co-ordinate the delivery and review the delivery details with you.

Unloading your Shed Village Building

Drop Off delivery – in many areas our carries have the equipment to simply offload the entire skid onto your driveway. In this scenario you will simply have to move the contents to your backyard once it has been dropped off.

Residential Off-loading – where Drop off delivery is not available, our products are delivered by a tractor-trailer and are securely packaged on skids ready for easy off-loading. The shipment can be unpackaged in the tractor-trailer and be unloaded piece by piece. Although the tractor-trailer operator may assist you, he is under no obligation to do so (and may be restricted from doing so by insurance regulations). Please ensure that you have sufficient manpower on hand on the day of delivery – we recommend two people for the fastest offloading.

Weight of Pieces/Sections

  • Pre-cut kits – the heaviest piece in our precut kit is generally a 4×8 sheet of plywood which weights approximately 30 pounds. If you order includes a Deluxe Door these will weight 50lbs or so.
  • Pre-assembled kit – the heaviest piece in a preassembled kit is a wall section, which can weigh up to 300 pounds. This is manageable by two people of normal strength – but it is a good idea to have a third person for larger sections.
  • Curbside shipping to most locations within the contiguous 48 United States is included when we quote your structure’s freight price. However, there are circumstances under which extra charges may apply. Please let your customer service rep know about any special circumstances that might exist with your delivery so that we can review all the details concerning your delivery and avoid any unanticipated charges.

The following conditions may require extra charges:

  • Restricted Access – where a delivery location is not accessible by tractor-trailer due to obstacles, legal restrictions or poor roads, your shipment may need to be transferred to a smaller vehicle for delivery. A cartage fee may apply.
  • Remote Locations – where the delivery location is far from urban centers (as may be the case for some recreational or rural locations) additional charges may apply. You will be apprised of any additional charges prior to shipping.
  • Excessive Wait Time – freight companies budget an hour for off-loading our structures. Should unloading time exceed one hour you may be charged for any additional time required. A typical shed kit can be comfortably offloaded by one person in about 30 minutes.