The Beach Hut – A Little More Than A Shed

Why did you pick this shed here?

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We wanted this shed to serve us a couple of purposes. Some storage and then we wanted to have an area to sit out around the pool with a few bar stools out there to enjoy the outdoor weather.

The Beach Hut - Quality Construction Mississauga
The Beach Hut – Quality Construction

Shed Village showed up on time. They delivered a great product and the installer Dave was conscientious; He left a clean work site and was easy to work with.

“They did what they said they were going to do”.

I think we walked away with a product that was more than what we thought it was going to be. It has a great smell when you walk into it, and it’s a nice shed maybe a little more than a shed, but it suits our purpose back here really well.

Custom Cedar Interior Pool Shed - Burlington, Brampton
Custom Cedar Interior Pool Shed

Shed Village helped us choose a few of the options for the interior. They put the cedar on the inside, the rafters are done with cedar too. We through a little beer fridge in there with a ice maker. It keeps you out in the backyard in the pool area. It helps keep some traffic out of the house, just a nice use for us.

“I think they deliver an exceptional product at a really great price”.

Luxury Beach Hut with great accessories in GTA
Luxury Beach Hut with great accessories

The value proposition was very strong. Being in business myself I think you look for people that do what they say they’re going to do and it surprises me time and time again how many people promise lots of things and don’t deliver.

“The team there at Shed Village delivered, very easy to refer”.