Warranty Details

Shed Village offers a comprehensive 2-year hassle-free warranty on all materials and workmanship provided by our professional installers. Please note the following details of our warranty:

A. Wood is an organic material, and as such, it is subject to some natural variations such as colour, small knots and cracks, swelling and shrinkage. These are considered a part of its character and thus are not defects. Even Chalet panels may experience some minor swelling and shrinkage. Keep all products away from constant watering from sprinklers and not in contact with gardens or grass.

B. All Pine based products – including Chalet siding, will turn dark in colour if not properly stained or painted. To validate your warranty all Pine based products must be painted or stained with a minimum of 2 coats of a quality outdoor rated paint or stain within 30 days of assembly. Further, all doors and windows must be painted or stained inside and outside, as well as around the edges.

C. All types of wood are subject to moisture stains both inside and outside due to water movement – these stains are not considered defects.

D. All French and Deluxe doors must be treated with either a moisture sealer or a quality outdoor rated paint or stain, inside and outside, as well as around the edges, within 30 days of assembly.

E. We recommend that you stain your Western Red Cedar products to prevent them from turning a silvery grey, but some prefer this look. However, cedar shingles cannot be stained or painted – please allow them to age naturally.

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