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I went to the competition and I wasn’t too pleased with the way they treated me. The customer service I was requesting, was to look at some of the sheds. When no one took me out to take a look at them or give me information on them. They just basically passed me a brochure and told me to help myself, so I wasn’t too thrilled with the competitions customer service.

“I had a friend of mine recommend Shed Village”

He told me there was a location up not too far from me, so I drove past one it one day. I spoke with Vic and he helped me out, he gave me the customer service that I was looking for. We looked over a few sheds and he explained the details to customize it.

Quality Customer Service from Shed Village in Mississauga
Quality Customer Service from Shed Village

I like that Shed Village had a lot of selection on color choices, roof designs, door designs and window designs. Vic was very helpful throughout so that sold me right away. Vic said I can pick any size I desire and he was able to customize the right shed so it fits perfectly in that little area.

Quick Installation by Professional Installers in Mississauga
Quick Installation by Professional Installers

Dave installed it in two days, he was very nice and explained the whole situation to me. Any questions I had he didn’t hesitate to to explain the process, so he gave me total confidence in the skills.

“I would totally recommend Shed Village just because of the fact that the customer service is fantastic”.

They answered all my questions and can totally make a shed of any kind, size, or variety. It’s a fantastic all around company . You will not be disappointed in his customer service, his quality of workmanship and his sheds.